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 Raising a puppy is somewhat similar to raising a small child. All puppies are unique and learn at their own pace. That's why it's so important to be patient and not to force things.
When dealing with toy breeds it can take a lot longer to teach them to go potty outside since they can not hold them self for very long and they have to have food a lot more often as a puppy so they do not go hyperglycemic.

There are many toy breed owners that do not want their puppies to go outside in bad weather or alone.

Our custom made potty grates are the affordable solution for dog owners who live in apartments, condos and homes.  Our potty grates are  hand crafted from hard plastic and vinyl wire of the highest quality.

Are you tired of getting up in the night to take you puppy potty?
Are you tired of your puppy eating and playing in his/her waist?
Are you tired of leaving your puppy in a crate all day or night long?
Are you tired of your puppy potting on your carpet?
Are you tired of your puppy tearing up the potty pads and newspaper?
Are you  Looking for a potty solution  you're too busy or not home?


Potty Grate Size


How to set up our puppy area with your potty grate-- each puppy needs to be limited on space until they get use to going potty on there potty grate. Then as they learn you can give me more space. Eventually they will have the whole room or house. But that is something need to earn. The more space you give a puppy before they are trained the more accidents you are asking for.


1. What do I put inside my potty grate?

Answer: washable potty pads from www.ezwhelp.com
news paper or paper potty pads


2. How often do I need to change the pad?

Answer:  it depends on what types of pads you use & how many pets you have
 It could be from 1 time a day to  recommend changing them several times a day


3. How often should I wash my potty grate?

Answer: I recommend washing it every night, I also recommend buying two if you can.
That way you can change it out in the daytime if you like.


4. How do I wash my potty grate?

Answer: With antibacterial soap and a sponge.


5. How long can my dog use the potty grate?

Answer: As long as  you want him/her to.



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